Novelty and Themed Fabrics

Novelty fabrics are a fantastic way of making a fun, light hearted and themed quilt. Novelty quilts are a great conversational piece. They are typically made of fabrics with quirky patterns or images.

Often people give you small pieces of material which we love but can never figure out the best way to maximise the fabrics potential in an ordinary quilt. If you have a couple of fantastic feature pieces why not consider making a novelty quilt with a theme. This way you can utilise your fantastic material and create a stunning quilt that everyone will love.

Another great way to begin your novelty quilt is to join a quilting circle or perhaps discuss with your quilting friends your ideas for a novelty quilt theme. You never know who has been holding on to a fantastic old piece of material and not known what to do with it. This way you could swap fabric with a friend and you are both one step closer to making a new quilt!

Themed novelty fabric

Novelty fabric styles could include; horses, party food, beach, frogs, cars, sports and many more. If you have ever made a novelty quilt, you will know how hard it is to find lots of different fabrics with the same theme. Have a look at these sites below and see if any match up with some of the fabric types you have been looking for but never found.

  • - This site has a fantastic selection of discount quilting materials in a wide range of novelty fabrics. Catagories include: Mardi Gras, The Orient, Ladies fashion, Farm animals, Cats, Dogs, Sewing Box, Music, Food and Beverages and many more. They have over 180 novelty fabrics to choose from.
  • - Joann also has a great range of fabrics with a wide variety of novelty quilting fabrics.