Christmas Quilt Patterns

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year, everyone comes together from all over the country, kids come home from school and parties and gatherings are a plenty. It is traditionally the most celebrated time of the year and bring out your beautiful Christmas quilt is one of the best parts.

Christmas Quilts are plentiful and many households have at least one. Traditional colors are red, green and white, however silvers, gold, black and small feature colors are now appearing. Santa, reindeers, snow, bells, candles and presents are just some of the many designs that appear in a Christmas Quilt pattern.

If you want to make a Christmas Quilt and are not sure what kind of Christmas quilt pattern you are looking for or trying to design have a look at these quilt patterns that will make your job a lot easier and take some off the Christmas pressure!

  • Sugarplum Christmas Quilt Pattern
    Fill your home with visions of sugarplums this Christmas and for many holiday seasons to come. Multiple Christmas quilt patterns; including a full size appliqué pattern.

Free Christmas quilt patterns