Appliqué Quilt Patterns

Appliqué is one of the many skills that is admired by many and attempted by few. It is not always an easy process and can be extremely challenging without any help. Once learnt, appliqué design can be easily created on your own or using a mixture of old patterns to create new and exciting appliqué quilts.

Appliqué patterns are a fantastic way of taking the pressure out of the appliqué design whilst still giving your quilt a beautiful finish. Here you have a number of different appliqué quilt patterns that will enable any quilter to produce an heirloom piece for all occasions.

  • My Absolutely favourite applique designer is Kim McLean. All her work is amazing and I love that often it is present using KFC fabrics (also my favourite) Check out her patterns at Glorious Color.
  • Annies Catalog offers a wide range of patterns including Children and Baby quilts.
  • Keepsake Quilting also has lots of different patterns available, all at very reasonable prices.
  • Check out Fons and Porter‘s chicken feet quilt. I love it’s quirkiness and I think it would suit so many different materials and designs!