Quilt Care

Imagine you have just finished spending hundreds of hours giving the utmost care and attention to detail creating your masterpiece. Or perhaps you have finally managed to buy the beautiful heritage quilt of your dreams that you have always wanted.

How do you then care for your quilt to ensure you get to keep it for as long as possible?

Proper care for your quilt is very important, as unlike conventional bedding material that is mass-produced in factories, each quilt is unique and irreplaceable.

If you follow the instructions given in these following pages, then you will have a good chance of keeping your quilt in top condition for years to come!

Essential tips for caring for your quilt

  • How to Wash a Quilt
    Quilts that are used every day inevitably get dirty over time. Find out how to wash a quilt safely while preserving the colour and texture of the fabric.
  • How to Store a Quilt
    There are times when you will need to store your quilt away from pets and children. Here are eight tips for safely storing a quilt without causing damage or creasing.
  • How to Press a Quilt
    Occasionally you may get creases in your quilt that you wish weren’t there. These tips will help you safely press your quilt and get it back to pristine condition.
  • How to Repair a Damaged Quilt
    With anything that is used regularly, over time even the most ruggedly built quilt will eventually show signs of wear. Learn what you can do to repair and prolong the life of your quilts.
  • How to Ship a Quilt
    From time to time you might have an occasion where you need to transport your quilts. This article will help you find the best way to ship your quilt and ensure it gets there safely and in one piece!