Scrap Quilt Patterns

Scrap quilts are a fantastic way of tidying up your fabric chest . These quilts basically use all the left over little pieces that you discarded when making another project – be it a quilt, a new skirt or sewing some sheet. Either way the leftover material always seems to build up.

Scrap quilts always look fantastic as the end result no matter what material went in generally becomes a very personal collage of all your past creative efforts.

Scrap quilt patterns can vary and many people choose to make scrap quilts out of simple little blocks or even follow a basic patchwork design. These are great ways to make a scrap quilt, however if you are stuck for inspiration or would like a little simplicity in your quilting world (for a change!) then check out these scrap quilt patterns:

  • Quiltville has some great ideas for all different sized scrap pieces.
  • Check out Scrap Quilts for loads of ideas for your next scrap quilt.
  • Go to Craftsy for 11 different patterns to use up your stash.