Cathedral Quilt Patterns

The cathedral window quilt pattern is a design that is super simple and can be creatively altered by even the most novice quilter. It basically consists of a lot of arcs, circles, diamonds and depending on which pattern you are looking at, some squares. The intention for a cathedral window quilt is for it to be very light and recreate the feeling of a typical cathedral window.

See the cathedral window quilts section for more information on this unique quilting style.

A great example of a cathedral window quilt has been made by Jo Ann Ely Sewing Fool (shown here). She captures the real essence of a cathedral window quilt perfectly and her quilt is a great example of how even a simple quilt pattern can have a stunning effect.

If you are all unsure about how to go about making a cathedral window quilt then a pattern will always always help you through.


  • Craftsy has some great ideas and beautiful pictures to inspire you.
  • Go to Fave Quilts to see 12 different design options.
  • If you still need a little help. Have a look at this tutorial called Cathedral Windows Just for Joan by Kris. It gives you a good introduction as to how Cathedral quilts are pieced together