Hawaiian Quilt Patterns

Hawaiian Quilt patterns are admired by most, however very few women know how to make a Hawaiian quilt. The Hawaiian Quilt is very different to most traditional and typical quilts and its design whilst may appear simple is often difficult to duplicate.

Most Hawaiian Quilt designs include bright flowers (or black flowers) and a strong contrasting background. There are usually only a few colors in each block keeping the quilt clear and simple. The designs embrace the flora and fauna of the Hawaiian people as well as tie in the traditions and cultures of their past present and future. If you are having trouble with your Hawaiian Quilt Pattern, check out some of the books below. They all come with a wide variety of Hawaiian Quilt Patterns in different Styles, Designs and Color Schemes;

Hawaiian Quilting: Instructions and Full-Size Patterns for 20 Blocks – Detailed instructions and 20 full-size quilting blocks (each 18 inches square) for creating exotic floral motifs including orchid, waterlily, and hibiscus.

The Hawaiian Quilt: The Tradition Continues - Continuing their commitment and legacy to Hawaii’s treasured art, the Poakalani family and their students display precious quilts and bare personal stories in this colorful collection of masterpieces. These pages are brimming with island styles and techniques sure to inspire quilt makers.

Free Hawaiian Quilt Patterns

  • A great resource is the Pacific Rim Quilt Company – they have a large range of great Hawaiian quilt patterns
  • Download free patterns for your next Hawaiian quilt from Quilts Hawaii, including breadfruit, lehua, protea and the beautiful Angels Trumpet Patterns