Baby Quilt Patterns

Sometimes when you want to make a quilt for a new baby or even for a baby that hasn’t been born yet it is a little hard to come up with your own ideas.

Here is where a baby quilt pattern is really handy. There are literally thousands of options with design, colors and styles so having a pattern really helps if your creativity is a little confused.

Remember when choosing the pattern to consider where it will be displayed. If you are making it for a friend you might want to ask what colors they would like so that the baby quilt will coordinate with the nursery or perhaps they would like something their child can grown into and enjoy when they are a little older.

Check out some of these baby quilt patterns for inspiration and to add a little simplicity to your quilting experience.

Sewing – have some wonderful patterns and best of all … they are free! - also have a great selection of baby quilt patterns for both boys and girls.

Cute Quilt Patterns – this is one of my favourite designs for a little boy. have some great ideas for a beautiful little quilt for a baby girl