Quilting 101 – Quilt making tips and resources

Can you imagine the warm feeling of resting in a log cabin by the crackling fireplace wrapped in your favourite patchwork quilt?

Have you ever found yourself mesmerised by the beautiful colors and patterns of a gorgeous hand-crafted quilt and wished you could make a family heirloom of your very own?

Or perhaps you simply enjoy the ambience, prestige and refined history that surrounds classic antique quilts that have stood the test of time.

Learn quilting and create the quilt of your dreams!

Quilting 101 was created to share the art of quilt making with people from all around the world. Whatever your background, interests or skill level, if you love quilts then you will almost certainly find something here!

In this site you will find hundreds of pages of useful information and articles about every aspect of quilting. To help you get started, we have separated the information into sections of related pages as follows: