Quilt Display

At last you have finished your beautiful quilt and now you have to work out where you are going to put it. The most obvious place to put a quilt is on your bed however if you are an avid quilter, then chances are that all the beds in your house already have their own quilts! Sometimes people don’t want to use them for day-to-day activities either, so they might want to display them in a different way.

Quilts can be more than simple bed covers!

Hanging your quilt over the back of a couch is a great way to display them as it means they can be seen by your family and friends and should not get soiled by day-to-day use. If you hang it over the back of your sofa then you can use it during winter when you want to cuddle up and watch a good movie or read a book!

Many quilters choose to display their quilts in quilt racks where their quilts can be placed anywhere throughout the house where people can enjoy them all year round. Quilt racks are a fantastic way of showing off your quilts without them getting over used or dirty.

Quilt hangers are also a great way to display your quilt as they can take the place of a painting on the wall and can really become the centre of attention anywhere in your house. Both quilt racks and quilt hangers come in many different types of wood and can be stained to almost any color required.

Finally glass quilt chests are a unique way to store your quilts as they keep quilts in mint condition away from all day-to-day use. These chests are similar in shape to a normal wooden chest however only the edges of the chest are made from wood. The side sheets of the chest are made from glass allowing your family and friends to see into the box without actually opening it! They look great anywhere in the house and if the top is flat can make fantastic coffee tables, providing you with a great conversation piece to start off with when friends visit!

Ways to display your quilts

  • Quilt Racks
    Quilt racks are an attractive and efficient way to display your quilts and brighten up almost any room in the house. Read about the different types of quilt racks and their advantages.
  • Quilt Hangers
    Find out how you can hang your quilt on the wall using quilt hangers and display it proudly for everyone to enjoy.
  • Quilt Rack Plans
    Instead of buying a ready made quilt rack, why not have a go at making your own? Here are a number of different downloadable plans to get you started.