Memory Quilts


Memory quilts are a great way to remember or celebrate your family history, the life of a loved one or an important event in your life.

Many memorial quilts are made from a loved ones clothing. They can be very comforting and can often help someone let go of their loved one who might not be with them anymore.

Making a memory quilt can solve a number of problems including what to do with someone’s clothes after they die. Often it is very difficult to give them to charity, friends or throw them away. By using small pieces of clothing throughout the quilt, it will feel like they haven’t gone forever and there will always be a part of them in your quilt.

Memorial quilts can be made with a number of base fabric and a selection of your passed away loved ones clothing including; shirts, ties, jeans, dresses, t-shirts, jeans, trousers, blouses, handkerchiefs, face-cloths etc. They are great way of keeping the memory alive. The quilt will easily become a family heirloom.

Not all memory quilts are constructed based around losing a loved one, they can represent a change or growth in life. Using children’s clothing, old school uniforms, work shirts (for when they retire) or even a collaboration of the family’s favourite clothing, would take a snapshot of a certain time in your life. The quilt can then be a very positive and happy heirloom, which the whole family can enjoy.

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Memory and Signature quilts became very popular in the mid-1800s. This was around the time families were moving west as pioneers. These quilts were given to their families that they left behind as a memory or for a special occasion. Many included a signature hand quilted at the bottom.

Memory quilts were also a great way of passing on information about one generation to the next. They could include materials from a certain occasion or include designs that showed the meaning of a special event.

Birthdays, weddings, births, deaths and anniversaries were all good reasons for making a memory quilt and allowing the memory of the occasion or loved one to last a little longer.

Memorial quilt specialists

0ef1e43b3be8cf4fc8a8a45fd47cf034When the death of a loved one is involved, it is sometimes too painful to make a memory quilt by yourself. In these cases it may be easier to send the fabric to an expert and have them make the quilt for you.

There are a number of shops and specialists where you can have memory quilts and memorial quilts made. The following websites all allow you to send your old clothes or loved one’s clothes and have them turned into a memory quilt.