Cathedral Window Quilts

d0a5d20406e55eb810dc152271090fa3Throughout history, churches and cathedrals have always been a huge inspiration for many styles of art, crafts and trades. Their elegant structure, the wooden interior, the breathtaking stained glass windows all seem to have a strong impression on so many.

It is always wonderful when we are able to take with us some of the emotions, memories and ideas and use them in our daily life and home. Cathedral window quilts are one of the beautiful quilt styles we can make which capture the inspiration of a beautiful church window and allow us to have a little part of a cathedral in our homes.

Cathedral window quilt materials

28b0735a70ad52873e1fc20d8bec411fA cathedral window quilt is not the same as a traditional quilt. It earns its title from not including the backing or batting, and consists basically of the patchwork top with edging.

Window panes are traditionally made from muslin or cheesecloth to create the translucent and light look generated from windows. The window frames are often made from heavier cottons or calicos. In the old days colors were used infrequently, however we now have an abundance of materials that can be used with translucence qualities, such as silks, organza (although I wouldn’t recommend using it), light cottons and many more.

Cathedral window quilt instructions

0a9c8b45fe98da6e6bc098b9365667e3 A cathedral window quilt is quite simple to make as it is customary that there is no quilting process, just patch-working. These days you simply iron down your edges and sew.

This is great if you are part of a sewing circle or a quilters group and are constantly on the move with your quilt. You can iron all the pieces before hand and sit very comfortably for a couple of hours while you sew each piece together. (This is a lot easier than trying to carry around a full queen-sized quilt and sew the whole thing together!)

However, I have seen a number of cathedral window quilts which have a thin layer of batting and a backing sheet. I am guessing that these quilters wanted to use them for warmth as well as looking bright and beautiful as displays on their beds!

See the cathedral window quilt patterns section for help making your own cathedral window quilt.