Quilting Machines

Once-upon-a-time, quilters wouldn’t have dared using a machine to quilt their beautiful creations. Not only were the stitches too tight, the pace too fast, but they were a bit of a pain to use when trying to get through a queen sized quilt sandwich!

These days things are very different. Quilting machines are becoming more popular and people are beginning to accept that they are a fantastic way to quilt, especially with the larger projects.

It is no longer difficult to move three layers of fabric through a rigid old machine. Now days machines are built specifically for quilting incorporating many helpful features that make the whole quilting process faster, easier and more enjoyable.

It has become very acceptable for quilters to use a quilting machine for intricate quilting. Techniques can range from a simple walking foot to free range embroidery. Some of the new machines even link up to the computer so you can download or design your own embroidery patterns!

Every year new models of quilting machines are created in different sizes and styles for different quilting needs, new technology is added and amazing features become the norm. As we progress in our technological age quilting machines become more and more prominent and common in everyday households.

If you are new to machine quilting and would like to try it out and see if it is good style for you, try this little Singer. It is great if you are new to machine quilting and looking for something compact, inexpensive and simple to use.

For the more serious quilting enthusiast have a look at this Juki Computer Sewing Quilting Machine. It has everything you could ever look for in a sewing machine including an extra feed-dog in the front of the needle and offers over 456 different styles of stitching.

Serious quilters may want to also check out the long-arm quilting machines section for information on commercial quality quilting machines.