Long Arm Quilting Machines

Long armed quilting machines are every serious quilters dream; those who can afford one generally have one. They are a fantastic invention that essentially consist of a sewing machine attached to a frame up to 12 foot wide – voila! you can quilt away without all the hassles of having pick up and rotate your heavy quilt every couple of minutes.

The long arm of the quilting machine provides a fantastic support and base for your quilt whilst giving the quilter the ability to freely move the quilt sandwich around and create intricate patterns as well as perform typical quilting.

These machines are awesome and can often do the work that takes months in no time at all. The downside is they are pretty expensive, however if you do enough quilting or would like to make some extra money on the side, many people buy long armed quilting machines and then quilt other peoples’ quilts to make a tidy profit on the side.

Quilt making has proven to be quite a demanding business. If you can’t buy a long armed quilting machine however would like to have your quilt machine quilted for you then there are many individuals and companies who offer their services.

This is a great portable 9 inch long armed sewing machine with quilting feet. The price is practically unbeatable for the Juki brand and as it is made in Japan you are guaranteed a great long lasting quilting machine.