Fat Quarters

Fat quarters are the most common way to buy your quilting material. Every shop seems to have different dimensions for their fat quarters, however they are all around 20″x20″ within varing degrees (eg. 18″x21″ or 19″x21″)

Generally fat quarters are available in most materials and are a fantastic way to purchase a bundle of material that you might not have considered putting together. Many stores offer bundles of fat quarter pieces, offering quilters a variety of combinations using material from different fabric selections.

For example you can get color bundles with pieces of all the blue fabrics in the store, or themed bundles such as flowers, retro or animals, or sometimes you can buy a crazy selection which includes a variety of very different colors, styles and design.

Fat quarter assortments

If you are looking for fat quarter bundles there are some great deals available. Generally (as with most things these days!) the more you buy (i.e. the larger the bundle) the better the price per fat quarter. Keep in mind if you see some feature fabrics you like in an assortment, then often the rest of the bundle can be used as background or sashes, or perhaps left for your next quilting adventure.

  • Fat Quarter Assortments at Fabric.com
    Here you can choose from many different fat quarters and quilting kits. There are themes, color coordinated and novelty fabric assortments and kits. Some of the packages have enough fabric to make a full-size quilt.
  • Joann’s Fat Quarter Mega Bundles
    This fat quarter kit is amazing! There are over 120 different fat quarters in 6 color streams. This is an ideal fat quarter assortment for the novice to advanced quilter. They make fantastic feature or base materials, depending on the quilt and at are available at an unbeatable price.
  • Fabric Collections at Joann.com
    Here is a great place to check out an assorted range of fat quarters and novelty bundles.