Designer Fabrics

Something a little different!

Sometimes you see a new fabric that you just have to have! It might be radically different or just exactly what you have been looking for. If you love particular styles of fabric then perhaps you need to check out the designer and see if you’ll also enjoy some of their other fabric designs.

There are many people who consider quilting to be a craft that uses up small pieces of material that has been left over from other projects or quilts. Then there are others who see it as a pure art-form that is to be carefully designed and constructed so as to create the most amazing quilt that everyone will enjoy.

Why choose a designer fabric?

If you enjoy planning and creating quilts made from material of your particular choice that truly expresses your taste and style then designer fabrics are for you. Often you can stumble upon unique fabrics that really make your quilt stand out.

Check out the designer fabrics below and see which one you love the most. If you are looking for something exciting and different then these fabrics are perfect for you. It could add a whole new perspective to your quilts!

Designer Quilting Fabric at
This site offers a really wide range of fabric designers and different styles of fabric. The prices vary however if you are loo