Basic Quilting Fabrics – Cottons and Flannels

The two most popular and basic quilting fabrics are flannel and cotton. Both of these fabrics are loved around the world for the versitility, warms, texture and longevity.


Cottons are really the most common type of quilting fabric. They are strong, easy to use and often colorfast. 100% cotton fabrics will generally not be as bright or deep in color as cotton mixes such as cotton/polyester, however they are very good at keeping shape and color which is really important when making a quilt that you would like to use for a long time.

One of the reasons cotton is so popular is because the texture and properties suit most people and very few people have a skin sensitivity to cotton. This makes it a fantastic fabric to use when making quilts as gifts or for small children.


Flannels are also really popular, especially for baby quilts. This soft and warming material is adored by babies and children because it is great for sensitive bodies which might ordinarily react to 100% natural fibres such as wool or silk. One of the best aspects about flannel is its warmness. This makes it fantastic for children in cooler climates as every parent worries about whether their child is warm enough at night.