Amish Quilt Patterns

Amish Quilts are famous throughout the world and are well know for being meticulously hand made and cherished through Amish communities. Amish quilt patterns are very popular with many quilters from outside Amish communities choosing to copy their quilting styles.

Traditionally Amish quilts are patchwork and made from bright colors usually tied together with black. If you are super creative and wish to design your own Amish quilt then keep these points in mind. However if you are looking for a little help when making one of America’s quilting icons look no further

Free Quilt has a great range of patterns including the Amish star, Amish Tulip and Amish boxes

Amish Spirit has some amazing photos that are really inspiring and great for ideas.

Amish Quilts-The Adventure Continues: Featuring 21 Projects from Traditional to Modern - 30 years after An Amish Adventure introduced quilters to the joys of Amish quilting, C&T Publishing is proud to bring you the adventure’s next chapter: 21 Amish-inspired quilts designed by some of today’s leading quilters. Some of these quilts use traditional 19th-century patterns. Others offer distinctly modern takes on Amish ideas. They all celebrate the simplicity, the bold geometry, and the rich dark fabrics that give Amish quilts their ageless appeal. Includes 21 Amish-inspired quilts with complete instructions, plus photo gallery with 17 more quilts. Easy-to-make patterns show off today’s beautiful solid fabrics.