Assembling the Quilt Top

Once each of your blocks have been assembled (or appliquéd), it is time to sew the whole quilt top together.

Quilt blocks are generally bound together by sashing. Alternatively they can be bound without sashing, however the sashing offers a boarder around the block and also a chance to relax the eye by offering it something simpler and less confusing. This way you are able to focus on the intricacy of each block with out them blurring together.

After you have cut each piece of sashing, simply attach it to the blocks in a similar manner to the way the squares were assembled. It is often easier to create long strips and then sew the strips together.

Be very careful when pinning the long strips together as by this stage there are literally hundreds of seams and all it takes is for a couple of them to be 1 mm off and you are out by a 1/4 inch!

When pinning try to use the right angles of the fabric to line up the seam, that way the quilt will be in perfect geometric order.

When joining rows make sure matching seam allowances are pressed in opposite directions to prevent that area looking bulky. Remember to always press towards the darker fabrics so that you can’t see the seam allowance through the lighter material.

Example of quilt top assembly with simple sashing

Quilt top assembly with more complex sashing



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