Quilt Pattern Books and Magazines

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Quilting books and magazines are great places to get quilting patterns as they often have a number of different patterns or designs to choose from.

There are a number of magazines that come monthly, quartly or bi-annually that offer a great selection of patterns each issue. These quilting magazines are great to keep on file and look back on when you are looking for inspiration, tips or a new pattern.

Quilt pattern books and magazines

  • Continuous Line Patterns
    Perfect for machine or hand quilting. All you do is keep stitching until line is complete. Many other designs available.
  • The CD version of Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopaedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns
    This is the world’s largest collection of quilt blocks. Over 4000 patterns ready to go! Search by decade for blocks perfect for reproduction quilts and many other categories.
  • Better Homes and Gardens 501 Quilt Blocks
    A treasury of patterns for patchwork and appliqué. With 501 quilt block design to choose from this is the perfect quilt patterns book for a beginner quilter or someone who needs a little help.
  • Encyclopaedia Of Classic Quilt Patterns
    This is truly the reference guide to quilting. Filled with useful information and guidance for traditional and quick piecing, appliqué, rotary cutting, and more. Includes 101 projects, with time-honoured patterns and dozens of fun variations.
  • Big Book of Best-Loved Quilt Patterns
    This new collection brings together time-honoured patterns including many favourite antique and reproduction quilts. Concise instructions, modern quilting techniques, step-by-step photographs, and detailed color diagrams guide both beginning and master quilters through all the steps necessary to complete the quilt of their choice.
  • Back to Basics: Quilt Templates and Patterns Explained
    This book is packed with over 125 patchwork ideas and sewing patterns. Make the same quilt as your grandmother using newer, easier and more advanced techniques and skills.
  • The Modern Quilt Workshop: Patterns, Techniques, And Designs From The Funquilts Studio
    A very well designed and laid out book giving quilters on all levels the chance to try something a little different that they might have perceived as being to difficult in the past. Very clear concise instructions and a must have in your quilting library.
  • American Quilt Blocks: 50 Patterns for 50 States
    A great pattern book for making a patriotic and meaningful quilt to be shared with your family or perhaps for someone who has served for their country.
  • Beautifully Quilted With Alex Anderson
    How to choose or create the best designs for your quilt. Full-size patterns with 5 timeless, ready to use projects.
  • Tulips for Kelly Quilt (Downloadable Plan)
    If fancy quilting is your forte, appliqué these perky tulip-bouquet blocks and intersperse them with your favourite quilt designs. All patterns have been proven and tested.
  • Durango Pinwheel Quilt (Downloadable Plan)
    This very famous design known to be created using brightly colored fabrics. This project includes a twin bed quilt, table cloth quilt, chair quilt and a baby quilt.
  • Yo-Yo Quilt (Downloadable Plan)
    Yo-yo quilts are fantastic for people on the go as it only takes minutes to gather each circle. Make sure you always have a small bag of your cut material and a needle and thread and you will have this unbacked quilt finished in no time!
  • Cool Quilt Magnets
    When it’s too hot to quilt, stand in front of your fridge and fiddle with ice box block quilt magnets instead. You can create a quilt design up to 10″ square or use the block fragments to make frames around family photos. There are 220 pieces in each pack making it a fantastic way to try out new patterns and ideas.