Designing a Patchwork Quilt

Patchwork is basically the process of joining small pieces of material together in a logical (or sometimes not so logical!) pattern.

Most quilts are generally split into “blocks” and within each block is a patchwork sequence. Generally, most of the blocks will all hold the same or similar sequences, however if you are after something particularly unique then you can make different shaped, styled or arranged blocks.

Patchworking is an art, and even the most experienced quilters sometimes make mistakes. As so much of a patchwork quilt relies on a consistent and matching pattern, if you are looking at designs or colors it is always a good idea to ask someone else’s opinion first, perhaps even the person you are giving the quilt to or sharing the quilt with.

Sometimes a second pair of eyes may be able to quickly find two squares that at the same color sitting next to each other or some other obscurity that has completely escaped your attention.

Check out our section on patchwork quilt patterns for help on making your own patchwork quilt.

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