The Meaning of Colors

Color has meaning and can have a variety of effects on our mood . This can be links to nature, past associations and cultural background.

The following list will help you understand the impact of choosing a particular color for your quilt:

    • Blue is found in the sky and water, it has a calm and peaceful effect. Turquoise is warm and happy. Blues decrease blood pressure, heart rate, encourages rest, and hence is popular in bed and bath.


    • Green is found in gardens, hills and forests. It often represents re-growth and life, healing and youth. It is very passive and relaxing.


    • Yellow is found in sunshine, harvest grains and flowers. It is also found in gold, one of the earths most desirable metals. It is an imperial color representing youth and happiness.


    • Orange is found in soil, fruits, vegetables and earthy autumn dawn. Orange represents security. Too much can be uncomfortable and a little offensive to a sensitive eye, however in smaller doses it has the potential to stimulate creativity and hunger.


    • Brown is a neutral and earthy color, similar to orange. Brown is also the color of chocolate. It represents natural feelings, security and trust. It can be melancholic and a little depressing.


    • Red is found lots in nature flowers, fruit and vegetables. It is the most powerful color, representing sex, passion, anger, love and fire. Only a small amount is needed to have an impact! Red stimulates the brain, raises blood pressure and pulse. Pink is a gentler version, quieter and more feminine.


    • Purple was initially very expensive and hence became a favorite of ancient rulers, wealthy, nobles, and royalty. It is found in nature a lot and represents love, wisdom and sadness.


    • Neutrals are white, black and grey. White represents purity, cleanliness, and chastity. Black represents death, mourning and desolation. Grey is a mixture of the two, and often represents confusion and work.


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